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Royals unwind at Waratahs match

Written By kom limapulan on Sabtu, 19 April 2014 | 19.40

Will and Kate at the Waratah's game at Allianz Stadium. Picture: Attila Szilvasi. Source: News Corp Australia

HOW does one unwind after a day spent being mobbed by thousands of well wishers and back-to-back official functions?

At the rugby of course.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jetted back into Sydney earlier this evening after spending the day in Brisbane and headed straight to Allianz Stadium to watch the NSW Waratahs take on the South Africa Bulls.

Wills and Kate enjoying all the action at Allianz Stadium. Picture: Attila Szilvasi Source: News Corp Australia

Hours earlier Kate had a what was a bittersweet private moment on such a public day — meeting privately with war widows.

Nicole Pearce said her meeting with the Duchess was a surreal and privileged experience but desperately wished it could have been under different circumstances.

Waratahs edged the Bulls 19-12 at Allianz Stadium. Picture: Attila Szilvasi. Source: News Corp Australia

It's been almost seven years since a roadside bomb claimed the life of her husband, Trooper David Pearce, just two weeks into a tour of Afghanistan.

Will and Kate at the Waratah's game at Allianz Stadium. Picture: Attila Szilvasi Source: News Corp Australia

Her daughters Stephanie and Hanna lost their father. She lost the man she loved and, for too many years, any sense of a normal life. Nothing can bring her 41-year-old husband back but she was touched by the Duchess's heartfelt concern.

Kate and Prince William spoke with four families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq during their tour of Queensland's Amberley RAAF base.

The Duchess looks worn out during the game. Picture: Attila Szilvasi. Source: News Corp Australia

"She asked how long David had been in the military for and how long he'd been overseas when he was killed," Mrs Pearce said. "She was sincerely quite sad for us to think David was only over there for two weeks when he was killed. She seemed very, very genuine and she was very sweet."

It was a sad but heartwarming occasion for the family.

The Duchess of Cambridge meets the locals in Brisbane. Picture Glenn Hampson Source: News Corp Australia

"I'd rather have Dave here. The reason we're here is because he's not," Mrs Pearce said.

"But I think he would be really proud, really honoured to think we had an opportunity like this." The royal couple also spoke with the grieving families of Lance Corporal Stjepan "Rick"

Milosevic — one of three Australians killed by a rogue Afghan soldier in 2012, Private Matthew Lambert and Flight Lt Paul Pardoel, who died in Iraq.

In a nod to the military's symbol of remembrance, the Duchess wore an elegant white and blue poppy print dress by one of her favourite labels, L.K. Bennett, which was teamed with a clutch bag by Australian designer Oroton.

The dress, which retailed for about $440, was sold out online before the visit, but within minutes of Kate's appearance, versions were being offered on eBay for up to $747.

Earlier the couple had bowed their heads after planting a tree at a memorial garden, in honour of the service and sacrifice of Royal Australian Air Force personnel. But they also made time for some lighter moments.

The Duchess of Cambridge receives flowers from 9 year-old Ashleigh Kearnan Source: Getty Images

There was some banter over just who would sit in the hot seat of a F/A-18F Super Hornet.

"Do you fancy jumping in the back?" were William's not-so-smooth words to Kate as the pair inspected the machines.

Instead of taking up her husband's offer, the Duchess hopped into the cockpit and got to know the controls of the fighter jet while William squeezed into the back seat.

The couple were then whisked to Brisbane's Convention Centre for a lunch reception with 200 people, including dignitaries Premier Campbell Newman and Governor Penelope Wensley, as well as rugby league player Johnathan Thurston and former Olympian Natalie Cook, before they greeted fans outside.

They were almost an hour late and it was more like a royal sprint than a walkabout but, for the estimated 10,000 people who lined the streets in the blistering heat, it didn't matter — they still got a taste of what the British call Katemania.

Their Royal Highness The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at RAAF Base Amberley Source: News Corp Australia

"I never thought anyone could emulate Diana but I think Kate can," Jacinta Strake, 17, said.

Their royal highnesses worked as a team, walking separately down the lines, but always, it seems, in step with each other, the Prince regularly checking his wife's whereabouts.

Among the British press who follow Kate and Wills is Arthur Edwards, the man Princess Diana called her favourite photographer. "Kate has exactly the same quality Diana did," Mr Edwards said.

"That ability to make everyone she comes into contact with feel very special."

While Kate was the star attraction, Prince William still had his own fans in the crowd, including Rebecca Morriss, 40, from the Gold Coast, wrapped in a Royal flag and beneath a Union Jack umbrella.

"He's still my fairytale Prince,'' she said.

Prince George's absence didn't stop some mums in the crowd from touting their baby daughters as possible future wives, including nine-month-old Sophie Trewin sporting a cute smile and a "One day I'm going to marry Prince George" romper suit.

Sadly, the little Prince George was tucked up in Sydney with his nanny.

He will hopefully make an appearance in Sydney on Sunday when his parents visit Taronga Zoo's new bilby enclosure, which is named after him.

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Captain defends evacuation delay

The arrested captain of the South Korean capsized ferry says he delayed evacuation because of sea conditions

THE captain of a sunken South Korean ferry has defended his decision to delay its evacuation as divers finally accessed the submerged vessel and spotted bodies inside.

Investigators arrested Lee Joon-Seok and two of his crew early today. All three have been criticised for abandoning hundreds of passengers trapped in the ferry, as they made their own escape.

Lee was charged with negligence and failing to secure the safety of passengers in violation of maritime law.

After being arrested, he explained why the evacuation was delayed.

"At the time a rescue ship had not arrived. There were also no fishing boats around for rescues, or other ships to help," Lee said.

"The currents were very strong and the water was cold at that time in the area. "I thought that passengers would be swept far away and fall into trouble if they evacuated thoughtlessly," he added.

Experts have suggested many more people might have escaped if they had moved to reach evacuation points before the ship listed sharply and water started flooding in.

Oh Yong-seok, a helmsman on the ferry, told the AP that the first instructions from the captain were for passengers to put on life jackets and stay where they were as the crew tried to control the ship.

About 30 minutes later, the captain finally gave the order to evacuate, Oh said, adding that he wasn't sure if, in the confusion and chaos on the bridge, the order was relayed to the passengers. Several survivors told the AP that they never heard any evacuation order.

Lee, the captain, made a brief, videotaped appearance with his face hidden by a grey hoodie. "I am really sorry and deeply ashamed," Lee said yesterday. "I don't know what to say."

Arrested ... Lee Joon-seok, centre, the captain of the sunken ferry, is suspected of negligence. Picture: Yonhap Source: AP

A transcript of a ship-to-shore radio exchange and interviews by The Associated Press showed the captain delayed the evacuation for half an hour after a South Korean transportation official told the ship it might have to evacuate.

The recommendation by the unidentified official at the Jeju Vessel Traffic Services Center came at 9am, just five minutes after a distress call by the Sewol. In the exchange, the Sewol crew member says: "Currently the body of the ship has listed to the left. The containers have listed as well."

The Jeju VTS officer responds: "OK. Any loss of human life or injuries?" The ship's answer is: "It's impossible to check right now. The body of the ship has tilted, and it's impossible to move."

The VTS officer then says: "Yes, OK. Please wear life jackets and prepare as the people might have to abandon ship."

"It's hard for people to move," replies the crew member on the radio.

The disaster three days ago left more than 270 people missing and at least 29 people dead.

As the last bit of the sunken ferry's hull slipped Friday beneath the murky water off southern South Korea, there was a new victim: a vice principal of the high school whose students were among the passengers was found hanged, an apparent suicide.

MORE PICTURES: South Korean ferry tragedy

As arrests were being made, dive teams who had spent two days vainly battling powerful currents and near zero visibility, finally penetrated the passenger decks of the 6,825-tonne Sewol.

"Civilian divers spotted three bodies through a window," a senior coastguard officer said.

"They attempted to get in and retrieve them by cracking the window, but it was too difficult," he said in a briefing to relatives of the missing.

Even with a powerful underwater flashlight, visibility was measured in inches as the diver was seen groping his way blindly along the side of the ship with the help of a pre-attached rope.

Relatives of the missing passengers, who have been sleeping in a gymnasium on Jindo island near the scene of the disaster, were shown video footage from one dive.

The coast guard said divers began pumping air into the ship to try to sustain any survivors.

Strong currents and rain made it difficult to get inside the ferry. Divers worked in shifts to try to get into the vessel, where most of the passengers were believed to have been trapped when it sank, coast guard spokesman Kim Jae-in said.

Desperate search ... the hull of the sinking Sewol juts out of the water on Thursday. Picture: Chung Sung-Jun Source: Getty Images

REVEALED: Farewell texts from ferry 'fake'

Investigators said the accident came at a point where the ship had to make a turn, and prosecutor Park Jae-eok said investigators were looking at whether the third mate ordered a turn that was so sharp that it caused the vessel to list.

The sharp turn came between 8:48am and 8:49am, but it's not known whether it was done voluntarily or because of some external factor, said Nam Jae-heon, a spokesman for the Maritime Ministry.

The Sewol had left the northwestern port of Incheon on Tuesday on an overnight journey to the holiday island of Jeju in the south with 476 people aboard, including 323 students from Danwon High School in Ansan. It capsized within hours of the crew making a distress call to the shore a little before 9am Wednesday.

Grim end ... rescue workers carry the body of passenger aboard the Sewol ferry which sank in the water off the southern coast, at a port in Jindo. Picture: Yonhap Source: AP

Only its dark blue keel jutted out over the surface.

But by Friday night, even that had disappeared, and rescuers set two giant beige buoys to mark the area.

Navy divers attached underwater air bags to the 6,852-ton ferry to prevent it from sinking deeper, the Defense Ministry said.

Police said the vice principal who was found hanged from a tree on Jindo, an island near the sunken ship where survivors have been housed, had been rescued from the ferry.

PASSENGER FILM: The moments before the South Korean ferry sank

Hopeful ... students hold papers with candles as they pray for the safe return of their friends aboard the sunken ferry Sewol at Danwon High School in Ansan. Picture: Yonhap Source: AP

Identified as Kang Min-kyu, he was the leader of the students travelling on a school excursion. In his suicide note, Kang said he felt guilty for surviving and wanted to take responsibility for what happened because he had led the trip, according to police.

He asked that his body be cremated and the ashes scattered where the ferry went down.

Amateur video shows life-jacketed passengers aboard capsizing South Korean ferry being told not to move. Paul Chapman reports.

With only 174 survivors from the 476 aboard and the chances of survival becoming slimmer by the hour, it was shaping up to be one of South Korea's worst disasters, made all the more heartbreaking by the likely loss of so many young people, aged 16 or 17.

South Korean coast guard officials say they've found three more bodies from the sinking of a ferry, raising the death toll to 32, AP reports.

The country's last major ferry disaster was in 1993, when 292 people were killed.

Grief ... a relative weeps as she waits for missing passengers of a sunken ferry at Jindo port. Picture: Chung Sung-Jun Source: Getty Images

Poor visibility ... South Korean divers prepare to search for passengers aboard a capsized ferry at sea off Jindo. Picture: South Korea Coast Guard Source: AFP

Three vessels with cranes arrived at the accident site to prepare to salvage the ferry. But they will not hoist the ship before getting approval from family members of those still believed inside because the lifting could endanger any survivors, said a coast guard officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, citing department rules.

On Jindo, angry and distraught relatives watched the rescue attempts. Some held a Buddhist prayer ritual, crying and praying for their relatives.

"I want to jump into the water with them," said Park Geum-san, 59, the great-aunt of a missing student, Park Ye-ji. "My loved one is under the water and it's raining. Anger is not enough."

No answers ... a relative weeps as she waits for missing passengers of a sunken ferry at Jindo port. Picture: Chung Sung-Jun Source: Getty Images

Chonghaejin Marine Co. Ltd, in Incheon, the operator of the ferry, added more cabin rooms to three floors after its 2012 purchase of the ship, which was built in Japan in 1994, an official at the private Korean Register of Shipping told the AP.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter was still under investigation, said the extension work between October 2012 and February 2013 increased the Sewol's weight by 187 tons and added enough room for 117 more people. The Sewol had a capacity of 921 when it sank.

As is common in South Korea, the ship's owner paid for a safety check by the Korean Register of Shipping, which found that the Sewol passed all safety tests, including whether it could stabilise in the event of tilting, the official said.

Prosecutors raided and seized materials and documents from the ship's operator, as well as six companies that had conducted safety checks, revamped the ship, or loaded container boxes, a sign that investigators will likely examine the ship's addition of rooms and how containers were loaded.

Agonising wait ... South Korean relatives of passengers on board a capsized ferry cry as they wait for news about their loved ones, at a gym in Jindo. Picture: Jung Yeon-je Source: AFP

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Brissie crowd goes wild for royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have charmed a host of dignitaries at a civic reception in Brisbane.

Kate gets another gift for Prince George. Pic Darren England Source: News Corp Australia

A GROUP of protesters has failed to ruin the royal couple's Brisbane visit with thousands of people giving the couple an enthusiastic welcome.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew in to the Royal Australian Air Force base at Amberley, west of Brisbane, about 11am, where an honour guard greeted them and there was a flyover of fighter jets.

The princess wore a "snorkel blue" Lasa Poppy Print Dress by one of her favourite designers L.K. Bennett. The dress retails for £245 ($440 AUD), and yes, it has now sold out.

Kate's choice of dress was a nod to the importance of the poppy, as a symbol of remembrance in the military community.

Catherine's dress is a nod to the importance of the poppy, as a symbol of remembrance for the military community. Source: Getty Images

General David Hurley, Prince William, Princess Kate and Mrs Linda Hurley visit the RAAF Base Amberley. Pic Mark Cranitch Source: News Corp Australia

Amberley Air Base is Australia's biggest operational military base and Defence Force chief David Hurley, and his wife Linda, greeted the couple on the tarmac.

A military band played God Save the Queen and the Australian national anthem.

The couple was also welcomed by Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley, Premier Campbell Newman and Defence Minister David Johnston.

Prince William inspected the members of the No1 Squadron. Source: News Corp Australia

The pair toured Squadron 1, which is the first Super Hornet squadron outside the United States.

Prince William spent seven and a half years in the RAF before retiring to take up official duties and happily stepped into the flight seat of one of the fighter aircraft.

The prince then stepped into the back seat - where the weapons are controlled, allowing Kate to take the pilot's seat. She spent some time in the cockpit, asking questions of her RAAF hosts.

Yes, it's hard to look ladylike climbing into the cockpit of a Super Hornet but Kate pulls it off. Source: Supplied

Prince William and his wife then planted a tree in the memorial garden before meeting with four families who lost members during the military operation in Afghanistan.

The base's memorial garden honours the service and sacrifice of members of the Royal Australian Air Force and the tree planted was a Queensland native - the Plunkett mallee tree - and is the official floral emblem of Ipswich.

More: Kate in Aussie fashion faux-pas

Duchess loves her wedges

An Airforce band plays as Prince Will Kate touch down at the Amberley RAAF Base in Queensland.

Wing Commander Paul Rickert, who is deputy honour guard commander, said some of the family members the royals met had not been back to Amberley since the ramp ceremony, the memorial service held for fallen soldiers at the airport.

"It's quite significant for those family members ... to have that closure and have this visit back to Amberley as a positive experience," he told ABC radio.

Widow Nicole Pearce said she was very honoured to meet the couple and that Kate was "absolutely beautiful, very easy to talk to".

"She asked how long David had been in the military for and how long he'd been overseas when he was killed," Ms Pearce told Nine News.

"She was sincerely quite sad for us to think David was only over there for two weeks when he was killed.

"She seemed very very genuine and she was very sweet."

Ms Pearce described it as a "bitter sweet" occasion.

"I'd rather have Dave here, and the reason we're here is because he's not.

"But I think he would be really proud, really honoured to think we had an opportunity like this. "It's not every day you get to meet royalty."

Wills and Kate bow their heads in prayer after planting a tree. Source: Getty Images

Afterwards the couple attended a civic reception in Brisbane and took a brief public walk.

About 10,000 people went wild for the couple at Brisbane's parkland precinct, cheering and chanting "Kate, Kate, Kate".

The adoring crowd, up to 20 people deep in some places, showered the couple with flowers and with gifts for Prince George.

Kate got a lot of love from the crowd at South Bank. Picture: Darren England Source: News Corp Australia

Cheers and shrieks followed the couple as they made their way along the route, under a clear blue sky and in 28C heat. The royals took their time the greeting thousands of well wishers.

The Duchess needed an army of helpers to pass on the gifts handed over security barricades - everything from modest posies of carnations, to stuffed kangaroos, chocolate bunnies, and a soccer ball bearing a map of Australia.

A very enthusiastic reception for William and Kate at South Bank. Picture: Annette Dew Source: News Corp Australia

It was a much more enthusiastic reception than a group of about 30 protesters hoped to give the couple just an hour before.

The Aboriginal land rights activists protested outside the Brisbane Convention Centre ahead of the couple's arrival. They held up signs, one of them read "give back what you stole", they called the royals dole bludgers and chanted "thieves".

About 50 police officers moved on the group of about 30 protesters, pushing them out of sight, ahead of the royal arrival.

One activist was ushered away after going behind barricades but police said no arrests had been made.

Security was tight around South Bank ahead of the couple's arrival, with snipers spotted on nearby roofs.

Snipers on the roof watching the 10,000 people in South Bank waiting for the arrival of Wills and Kate. Source: Supplied

The couple will return to Sydney tonight. Tomorrow they will attend a Easter Sunday church service and will visit Taronga Zoo.

Yesterday the couple spent the day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and in Manly, visiting sick children at Bear Cottage before watching a lifesaving demonstration.

Radiant in a white lace dress by Australian designer Zimmermann, Catherine notably did not remove her Stuart Weitzman wedge heels for a stroll on Manly Beach.

She's a princess, of course she kept her heels on while on the sand. Source: Getty Images

Her previous day's outfit, a patterned dress by Diane von Furstenberg sold out within hours, but the Zimmermann's Roamer Day Dress will not be in stores until June

Catherine delivered her first speech in Australia after speaking with the young residents of Bear Cottage and said the haven for dying children was an inspiration.

"First-class delivery of children's palliative care is life-changing,'' she said, as the Prime Minister looked on with the new NSW Premier, Mike Baird.

Catherine's sure touch and gentle humour is the talk of the tour. While her husband spoke privately to the families, she spent time with the ill children, speaking quietly to them.

At the Royal Easter Show, the Duke and Duchess got a taste of regional Australia.

Checking out alpaca wool from the northern region, Catherine commented the fleece could make a good toupe for her husband.

A sellout: Catherine's Diane von Furstenberg dress was quickly snapped up. Source: AP

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Body found in Easter egg hunt

A dead body has been found under a deck during a childs Easter egg hunt in the US. Courtesy: Fox17 WZTV Nashville

A MOTHER who sent her young son on an Easter egg hunt in their backyard got a shock when she discovered a corpse under her deck.

Tara Hanouskova, from West Knoxville in Tennessee, recalled that she smelt a "foul odour" for several days around their family home, but had failed to find the source.

Ms Hanouskova said that when she first discovered the body, her son did not see it and "has no idea what happened", as he was at the back in the house.

Easter egg hunt shock ... a mother found a dead body under her deck. Picture: Fox 17 Source: Supplied

Forensic police say tests revealed the body belonged to a middle-aged man, who had been under the house for around two weeks.

She told WNCT: "I really don't even know how he got there."

His identity has not yet been established.

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Penis-cutting rapper ‘on Angel Dust’

A suicide attempt goes from bad to worse. Courtesy: Fox News

MORE details have emerged about a rapper linked to the Wu-Tang Clan, who cut off part of his penis before jumping from a second-storey balcony.

The rapper, Andre Johnson, used a steak knife and was under the influence of drugs when the shocking incident occurred, E! News reports.

E! News also reports he was under the influence of the drug PCP (otherwise known as Phencyclidine or Angel Dust) when he jumped off a second story balcony in North Hollywood.

He also cut off the tip of his penis first, then removed his testicles and the remainder of his genitalia.

FANS SHOCKED: Rapper tries to cut off penis

Seriously injured ... rapper Andre Johnson. Picture: Wedgle's Music and Loan Source: Supplied

The 40-year-old music artist, who performs under the name Christ Bearer, was taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

He was found lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries.

He is still undergoing medical treatment.

According to TMZ, he posted the following bizarre message on his Facebook page on April 17: "Peace — feeling blessed."

The post, which was accompanied by a smiley face angel emoticon, has since been deleted.

Johnson performs with Northstar, a group affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan.

For help with emotional difficulties, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

For help with depression, contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

The SANE Helpline is 1800 18 SANE (7263)

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The lawyers inside murder trial of the century

Written By kom limapulan on Jumat, 18 April 2014 | 19.39

Oscar Pistorius has finished his gruelling five day testimony on the witness stand, reading a poem from a Valentines Day card his former girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp had prepared for him the day she was killed.

BOOM. Welcome to Nel town. Source: Getty Images

IT'S the legal equivalent of a bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Two talented, brutal attorneys at the peak of their powers, fighting each other for the heavyweight title before an audience of millions.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and defence lawyer Barry Roux are the men driving Oscar Pistorius's murder trial. They're two of the most feared lawyers in South Africa, having built successful careers in parallel over the past three decades.

MORE: Reeva's Valentine's Day card to Oscar

Nel has been prosecuting alleged criminals for more than 30 years. Roux has been defending them for 31. Both men have drawn upon that experience to eviscerate witnesses in the Pistorius case.

MORE: Pistorius accused of faking tears

So, how do South Africa's heavyweight lawyers stack up against each other? Are they really so evenly matched?

That's Nel on the left, and Roux on the right. Source: AP



The biggest triumph of Nel's career was his successful prosecution of former police chief and Interpol president Jackie Selebi.

It was a confronting case for South Africans, who were forced to admit the man leading their nation's fight against crime was a criminal himself. Selebi was convicted of corruption (he overlooked drug trafficking in return for bribes), and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The Selebi case was a trial in more ways than one for Nel. In January of 2008, 20 police officers stormed into the lawyer's home and arrested him, in front of his wife and children, for "fraud". The charge turned out to be nonsense. It was an intimidation tactic, meant to disrupt his investigation into Selebi.

Nel refused to back down. That sums up the man pretty well.

He also served as the head of an official crime-fighting agency whose operatives were called "The Scorpions". They investigated organised crime and corruption between 2001 and 2008.

Within three years of being founded, The Scorpions had prosecuted 380 cases with a conviction rate of 93 per cent, the Mirror reports. They even raided the home of South Africa's then-Deputy President Jacob Zuma.

You get the idea. Nel has been a determined, wildly successful prosecutor for years.

He cross-examines like a street-fighter. Source: Getty Images


Within the legal community, Nel is known as "the pit bull". That's because he cross-examines witnesses with unrivalled aggression.

"He likes to rattle witnesses. To emotionally rattle them to see if he can get them to give him contradicting versions. That is his style," says South African defence attorney Ulrich Roux.

"He's definitely the best prosecutor in South Africa. He's proved that, and I think he will continue to prove that."

Nel's relentless and confrontational style was best demonstrated in the Selebi trial. He called the former Interpol president an "arrogant liar", and kept him on the stand for two weeks.

He's not scared of controversy either. A week ago, he shocked onlookers in court by displaying a graphic image of Reeva Steenkamp's fatal head wound and comparing it to a watermelon, with Oscar Pistorius on the stand.

It was a ruthless tactic, but according to Nel, it was absolutely necessary.

Raise your hand if you're a tough prosecutor. Source: Getty Images

Best moment so far

Nel's five-day cross-examination of Pistorius could end up being decisive. He forced the athlete to contradict his own testimony several times (Pistorius claimed those "mistakes" were due to tiredness), and more than once reduced him to an emotional wreck.

The most telling moment came when Nel pointed out Steenkamp's position behind the toilet door. She was standing up against the door, facing it, when Pistorius shot her. Nel used that evidence to suggest the pair were talking to each other before Pistorius pulled the trigger.

Best parody

Brad O'Regan, a producer for the South African radio station Highveld 94.7, put together this rap tribute to Nel.

"They call me Gerrie Nel, and I am mad as hell, and when I get you on the stand I will make you tell. I don't have no feelings, new lies I'm revealing, I get emotions in the court to hit the ceiling."

It's undeniably catchy.



Roux does not focus solely on criminal law. His practice also deals with "insurance, delictual, aviation, matrimonial, medical negligence, general contractual and liquidation work". But he has still featured in some of South Africa's biggest criminal trials, with great success.

Roux represented Scottish businessman Dave King, who was facing a long stint in jail for avoiding a tax bill of 2.3 billion rand. After a marathon 13-year run through the courts, Roux managed to reduce his punishment to a fine of just 700 million rand. King avoided jail altogether.

Another of Roux's high profile tax evasion cases involved a mining magnate called Roger Kebble. The charges in that case were withdrawn altogether.

He never ran a group called The Scorpions, but Roux's career has been just as successful as Nel's. His rumoured salary of up to $A10,000 per day for defending Pistorius is proof enough of that.

Give 'em both barrels, Barry. Source: Getty Images


Roux can be a patronising, exasperated presence in the courtroom. He picks away at witnesses, asking them the same questions repeatedly until they slip up. His style often switches in an instant, from charming and absent-minded to biting and sarcastic.

Daily Mirror writer Lucy Thornton has described Roux as a lawyer who "goes from bumbling poodle to snarling rottweiler in seconds, terrifying witnesses."

His tactics can be devastatingly effective. Roux lulls witnesses into a false sense of security before unleashing direct, piercing questions that prey upon their emotions and reduce them to a state of utter confusion.

Barry gives Oscar some firm legal advice. Source: Getty Images

Best moment so far

Roux's biggest courtroom masterclass actually came during Pistorius's bail hearing, just six days after Steenkamp's death. He completely destroyed the credibility of police detective Hilton Botha, an officer with 24 years of experience.

Botha started the day firmly in the prosecution's corner. By the time Roux was through with him, the detective had conceded that he found nothing at the scene which contradicted Pistorius's version of events.

"I don't have any facts," he admitted at one point.

Nel didn't dare call Botha to the stand during the actual trial. Roux had turned him into a liability, if not a running joke. How's that for a knockout punch?

Best parody

This one comes courtesy of Roger Goode, who hosts a radio show on 5FM. It's a parody of Pharrell's hit Happy. The chorus will be stuck in your head for days.


Nel and Roux have clashed in a high profile murder case before. The defendants in that trial were two men called Casper Greeff and Christopher Njeje.

Greeff was accused of hiring Njeje to kill his wife, Estelle, in 1999. Njeje proceeded to cut her throat with a blunt knife.

Nel won the case. Both Greeff and Njeje were found guilty of murder with direct intent and sentenced to life in prison.

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Has Shane Warne absolutely lost it?

Here he is with a Prince William lookalike. Think of this as the calm before a storm of lions. Source: Instagram

SHANE Warne has developed a disturbing obsession with cute animals. Particularly lions.

I know that's a strange thing to blurt out so suddenly, but there's just no other way to say it.

Warnie, who many of us prefer to remember as the ruthless spinner who terrorised batsmen with an unrivalled killer instinct, has taken to posting cute animal photos on Instagram. All the freaking time.

They invariably come with nauseating captions, most of which include the word "Awwwww", accompanied by far too many exclamation marks.

The only redeeming feature of these photos is the cheeky comment that gets posted underneath every single one: "Bowling Shane."

Don't just take our word for all of this. We've collected Warnie's 13 most recent cute animal posts for you to peruse as evidence. Think of them as his greatest hits. Please note the captions for each, which we've included in quotation marks.

1. "Wow, what a magnificent white lion!!!"

2. "Awwwwwww!"

3. "Leave you with this cute pic of a baby kangaroo!!!"

4. "Awwww how cute, love this ...... <3"

5. "Awwwwwww!!!! This brought a smile to my face, adorable :)"

6. "Awwwwwwww, so cute! Morning ...."

7. "Morning. Head on the chest, awwwwww"

8. "Even if you're the king of the jungle, everyone loves a cuddle!"

9. "Morning!!!! Awwwwww ....."

10. "Just a magnificent beast #king #Lion <3"

11. "Awwwwww, morning!"

12. "Lion or Koalas. What pic do you prefer?? Awwwww!!!"

13. "Are you?"

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The world’s most haunted island up for sale

Poveglia, the most haunted island on Earth. Source: Twitter

ONCE a dumping ground for victims of the plague and the former site of a mental hospital, this Italian island is said to be haunted by tens of thousands of tormented spirits.

And now it could be yours.

Room with a view ... a haunted room, that is. Source: Facebook

Remnants of the former hospital and quarantine. Source: Facebook

Poveglia is a seven hectare uninhabited island off the coast of Italy and it's being put up for sale by the Italian government to help reduce national debt.

But with a chilling and disturbing history they could be hard pressed to find a buyer.

Overrun with weeds ... and spectres. Source: Facebook

The mental hospital was the site of lobotomies. Source: Facebook

Located on the Venice Lagoon, the island swirls with horrific tales including rumours that people were burned and buried there during the plague, that the soil is 50 per cent human ash and that the psychiatrist who ran the mental hospital was a butcher and torturer.

The abandoned chapel. Source: Facebook

Now littered with abandoned buildings and overrun with weeds, the island has always been the site of controversy.

The Genoese and Venetians fought over it in the 14th century and victims of the plague were sent there to die. It was used as a quarantine station in the 18th century and was most recently the site of a sinister mental hospital.

Tormented spirits are said to haunt its walls. Source: Facebook

It is said about 160,000 bodies were dumped on the island when the Bubonic plague hit Italy and that thousands of tortured spirits haunt its shores.

The crumbling chapel. Source: Facebook

Work crews even uncovered a grave pit filled with the remains of more than 1,500 plague victims.

Thousands of skeletons were uncovered in mass graves. Source: Facebook

Skeletons of the plague. Source: Facebook

In 1922 the island became home to a mental hospital with reports that the deranged doctor experimented on patients with lobotomies using hand drills, chisels and hammers. He later threw himself off the bell tower claiming to be driven mad by ghosts of his victims.

The psychiatrist threw himself off this bell tower. Source: Facebook

With a past so sinister, no tourist has been allowed to step foot on the island. But the Italian government is now hoping the site can be taken over by a luxury hotel and are offering a 99 year lease for its redevelopment.

The old hospital has a sinister past. Source: Facebook

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Kate puts wrong foot forward in fashion fail

AN excited crowd has greeted the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

Duchess Kate preparing to board a helicopter with Prince William to visit the 2013 bushfire affected residents in the town of Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. Source: AFP

THE Duchess of Cambridge was so dazzling in a simple dress by Aussie label Zimermann today that we can probably overlook a minor wardrobe fail this afternoon.

We know there are few opportunities to go to the beach back home, but what were you thinking, Duchess?

Please remove shoes from feet, then walk on the beach. So awkward.

Someone get the lady a pair of pluggers, would you? Source: AFP

The well-heeled Duchess Kate and Prince William were at Manly Beach in Sydney this afternoon for a demonstration by the local surf club.

And there was a bit of a fuss on social media about the un-Australian choice of footwear.

That hair though. Flawless as always. Source: Getty Images

Could the formal footwear look any more out-of-place? Source: Getty Images

We can assume these youngsters were more polite than us and didn't say a word about the shoes. Source: Getty Images

Earlier, the Royals continued their royal Aussie tour with a visit to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the showground in Homebush, and social media quickly went into overdrive at the sight of Kate's dress choice for the outing.

The stylish royal opted for a cream lace dress by Australian fashion label Zimmermann and teamed it with a pair of tan wedges and a simple clutch.

It is the first Aussie designer she has worn since arriving Down Under.

Kate Middleton arrives at the Sydney Easter Show wearing a dress by Aussie label Zimmermann. Source: INF

The Roamer Day Dress is from the upcoming Summer Swim 2014 range and retails for $495.

ROYAL WATCH: Kate wows in wattle-coloured frock

It was due to arrive in stores worldwide this June but the release date has been moved forward in response to overwhelming demand.

Within minutes the Zimmermann website was struggling as online buyers rushed to snap up the garment. No doubt Sydney sisters Nicole and Simone Zimmermann will be thrilled.

Actress Naomi Watts modelled the sleeved dress in Zimmermann's upcoming campaign.

Naomi Watts wearing the Zimmermann Roamer Day Dress. Source: Supplied

Kate Middleton arrives at the Royal Easter Show. Source: News Corp Australia

The royal pair took in the sheep shearing and wool handling, met the 2013 Wool4Skool program winner — who designed a dress for the Duchess of Cambridge — and signed the visitors book.

It's unclear whether they had time to sample a Dagwood Dog before departing.

Wills and Kate visit Fred, a super fine wool Merino from Wellington. Source: News Corp Australia

Kate meets a young fan on her visit to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Source: News Corp Australia

Prince William and Kate watch a shearing demonstration at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Source: Getty Images

This afternoon they traded the show bags and rides for a visit to Manly's Bear Cottage palliative care hospice, where they met young patients, families, volunteers and staff.

The Duchess sings with the children. Source: Getty Images

Speaking with a patient. Source: Getty Images

Prince William at Manly's Bear Cottage. Source: Getty Images

Sydneysiders were able to catch a glimpse of the royals when they visited Manly beach and watched Surf Lifesaving activities on the sand.

Prince George was left behind at Admiralty House with his nanny while his mum and dad tour around Sydney. Our next scheduled sighting of the royal bub won't be until his visits Taronga Zoo on Sunday.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George arrive at Sydney Airport on April 16, 2014. Source: Getty Images

Over 200,000 excited fans arrived at the showground to catch a glimpse of the couple who spent the day yesterday talking with fire fighters and local residents of the Blue Mountains.

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Rapper’s penis reattach fails

Penis reattachment failed ... Andre Johnson, a rapper affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan, cut off his penis and then jumped off a second storey balcony, critically injuring herself. Source: Supplied

A suicide attempt goes from bad to worse. Courtesy: Fox News

SURGEONS have been unable to reattach the penis to a rapper who cut it off before jumping off a building.

Andre Johnson, who raps under the name Christ Bearer and is affiliated with the famous Wu-Tang Clan, cut off his penis before jumping from the second-storey of a building in North Hollywood.

ANDRE JOHNSON: Rapper treated after severing his penis

Johnson was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles in a critical condition. His severed penis was taken to the hospital a short time later where surgeons tried without success to reattach it, website TMZ reported.

Discovered by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA ... Rapper Andre Johnson is known by the name Christ Bearer. Source: Supplied

Johnson belonged to a group Northstar, which was discovered by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA in 1998. The producer backed the duo for their 2004 debut album "RZA Presents Northstar."

"Northstar were signed to Wu-Tang productions 10 years ago and were part of the West Coast Killa Bees — young guys that RZA tried to help to give an opportunity to take off the streets and make something of themselves," Wu-Tang Clan representative Heathcliff Berru told E! News.

"They had lyrical talent and freestyle and RZA strived to give them a shot. RZA has been doing this his whole career. He worked with them as he does with countless other artists. Artists and producers collaborate all the time.

"What Christ Bearer did was unfathomable. I feel for his family at this time."


Lifeline 13 11 14

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

Youth Beyond Blue

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